At the Lotus started construction of two tankers project RST25

Today at the shipyard "Lotus" solemn ceremony to lay the two tankers project of JSC "Moscow River Shipping Company."

Astrakhan sudoremzavod "Lotus" has signed a contract to build two tankers RST project with JSC "Moscow River Shipping" a month ago. Its cost — 1 billion 80 million rubley.Spusk the water of both vessels is scheduled before the end of 2012.


Working on significant event "Lotus" congratulated Astrakhan governor Alexander Zhilkin. He recalled that just recently the plant was not working, and the leadership of the region had two options: either to "freeze", if not shut down production, or to try to revive the company, find orders.

According to the head of the region, the last task, especially in the conditions of the global crisis has been elusive. Negotiations were held with a number of firms, companies and investors. "Today’s order was made possible thanks to our cooperation with the" Moscow River Shipping "United Shipbuilding Corporation and" Gaztehliging, "- said Alexander Jilkin. — It does not start, and the continuation of the program for the revival of the Astrakhan shipbuilding."

Deputy General Director of JSC "Gaztehlizing" Konstantin Kozachenko noted that "this order — a strategic area of cooperation with the Astrakhan shipbuilders." Deputy General Director of JSC "Moscow River Shipping" Victor Dmitriev expressed confidence that the tankers will be built on the "Lotus," with high quality and on time.



Tanker RST-25 length of 140 m, designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau to meet international requirements for the transport of oil products will become the leader in the Russian oil fleet renewal. Tanker Project RST-25 — is a completely new class of vessels of "river-sea" class with increased environmental security and automation. Equipped with six cargo tanks. Intended for the transport of crude oil and petroleum products, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash, ensuring transportation of cargo to maintain the temperature of 50 ° C. It is possible to simultaneously carry two loads of different varieties.

Ship fully complies with the new international standards for the transport of oil products satisfies dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Waterway.

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