At the Mariinsky (Kemerovo region) has opened a new day care center for up to 200 people

This is the second stand-alone pre-school educational institution in Mariinsk. The cost of construction of the kindergarten was 203 million rubles, including from the regional budget allocated 173 million rubles.

"Happy island" created all necessary conditions for the development of creative and athletic abilities in children. For example, there are two rooms (music, sports) and a swimming pool. This is the first in the Mariinsky’s kindergarten, where children will learn to swim.
Kindergarten is equipped with comfortable and safe furniture, toys new generation. Party rooms are also comfortable and safe: sustainable group equipment and furniture are age appropriate children.
For each age group in the kindergarten is the site with modern gaming and sports equipment, sunshades. Equipped with two playgrounds, where children will be engaged in sports games and general fitness training.
Also in the area of kindergarten will be equipped avtogorodok for lessons on learning the rules of the road. There will not be engaged in only pupils of the kindergarten, but also other pre-school institutions. 

In addition, in the pre-school allocated two plots for experiments on children growing plants, built a modern greenhouse for growing seedlings of flowers and greenery, as well as meteorological.
With the opening of the kindergarten "Happy Island" got a chance to find a job 72 people.

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