At the mine. Lenin in the Kemerovo region launched a new lava

Industrial reserves of coking coal in the new lava is 420 thousand tons per month of the stope will be issued to the surface about 50 tons of coal.

Investments of "Southern Kuzbass" in the launch of a new lava at about 30 million. In particular, acquired crusher control-1R. Lava is also equipped with a sewage treatment complex 2 KM-800, conveyor "Angers-30" reloader PSP-308, a conveyor belt KLK-1000.

Testing of lava team performs Alexei Ivanovich Musatov (site number 11, section chief Yevgeny Popov).
Currently mine them. Lenin‘s works in two lavas. Stope 0-5-1-13 with reserves of 630 million tons was put into operation in February of this year.

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