At the Ministry of Defense has no claims to the Su-34 bombers

Russian Defense Ministry has no claim to the industry on the new Sukhoi Su-34, April 19, First Deputy Defense Minister Army General Arkady Bahini.

"We do not have long been a number of complaints to the industry on the application of this brand new technology for us. Today 7000th base completes the transition to the Su-34 instead of the Su-24. Must give credit to our industry, the Novosibirsk aircraft plant, flight crews that weaknesses that we are bringing industry eliminated "- said Bahini.

About what it claims was a speech, not specified.
It is worth noting that the Su-34 combat capabilities refers to the generation of aircraft "4 +". Regardless of the time of day and weather conditions it can effectively engage ground, sea and air targets in any geographical area with the use of the entire range of air weapons, including precision. The Su-34 can carry up to eight tons of different weapons, range — about four thousand kilometers and a maximum speed — 1,9 thousand kilometers per hour.

As reported, in 2020 the Russian Air Force has received more than 90 such machines.

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