At the Nizhny Novgorod Ship laid the keel of the vessel situational

August 7, 2012 at the "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" laid the keel of the vessel situational project BLV02 (yard number 903).

The contract between the state customer — the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport builder — PKU "Rechvodput" and Plant "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" to "Construction of situational class vessel PPP" M-SP 3.5 (Ice 40) A "was signed on 21.12.2011 g

In accordance with the terms of the contract KIT for 675 days to build two situational ship.

The keel of the first vessel situational (building number 902) laid March 15, 2012, now under construction vessel in accordance with the schedule. Vessels must be delivered to the customer in accordance with the terms of the contract in July and October 2013.

Engineering design of the ship project designed BLV02 "MEB", approved by the Russian River Register and Rospotrebnadzorom, approved by the Customer.

            Multifunctional situational craft project BLV02 — this steel-deck twin-screw-propelled ship with the add tank and poop, with transom aft end, with the working deck in the middle, at the same time allows you to put 4 buoy with anchor type BMS devices, with the engine room and living in the aft deckhouse , with a cargo crane.

Situational BLV02 craft project is designed to perform the following activities:

  • control of the state of the fairway on the inland waterways and harbors;
  • condition monitoring to navigation fairway control fires burning on the signs illuminated environment;
  • placement and removal of signs, as well as their movement when changing the boundaries of the fairway;
  • maintenance of waterway signs and repair of light signaling equipment.

Navigation area and the operating conditions of the vessel: Inland waterways Russia within the constraints; marine areas, the relevant area of navigation  M-SP 3.5 (Mixed (river-sea) sailing in rough seas with wave height 3% frequency of 3.50 m). Design outdoor air temperature +40? C with 65% humidity in the summer and at — 20oC Humidity 85%.

Length overall, m


Length, m


Overall width, m


Width, m


Depth amidships, m


Draught at DWL, m


Maximum draft, m


Deadweight at draft 2.00 m, t


Deadweight at draft 2.50 m, t


Endurance, days.


"We are building two vessels for operation on inland waterways of Russia, — said at the keel laying ceremony of the General Director of" KIT "Sergei Konovalov. — We, as shipbuilders, encouraged by the fact that the government turned its face to the development of auxiliary vessels for inland waterways that once played a key role in the transport system of the state. Today, the economy and the country’s strategic interests dictate the need to return to this mode of freight and passenger traffic. "         


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