At the November PGE summed up the first year of operation.

At the November combined cycle power plant (Noyabrsk) summed up the first year of commercial operation. July 1 exactly a year from the date of entry into trial operation of the first and second power the November TSEs.

During the reporting period, the plant produced 769,702 MW / h electricity, the average load was 106 MW. The capacity factor was the station — 94.4 percent. Consumption peaks fall-winter 2010 2011. have been passed successfully. The main equipment of the station is operating normally. At the moment The November PGE production provides about 10% of the electricity and the power consumed in a central part of the energy system of Yamal subject of special attention of the leadership of the company are indicators of the environmental impact. In June-July 2011, the competent institutions have been studied a number of parameters of the stations in this area. Analysis of the emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide (NO, NO2) showed that their concentration is 1.5-2 times lower than the maximum allowable. Also conducted measurements of pollutants in ambient air within the sanitary protection zone. Based on the results the levels of carbon and nitrogen oxides (CO, NO), nitrogen dioxide and sulfur (NO2, SO2), but also soot and dust, kerosene and gasoline was below the maximum permissible concentration of 3-5. Analyses of the water used in the manufacturing cycle station is also fully comply with sanitary and chemical requirements of the sources of household purposes. The November TSE is one of the most technologically advanced facilities of its kind in Russia and currently the only object generation with similar production and technical specifications in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The installed power capacity of 120 MW, heat — 95 Gcal / h Putting into operation the November PGE allowed to liquidate part of the deficit of electric power generation center Novembre and greatly increased the reliability of power supply of Noyabr’sk.

The station was built a group of companies "Intertechelectro — New Generation" and in accordance with the cooperation agreement with the corporation "Ural Industrial — Ural Polar" is part of the energy infrastructure, which is being built as part of the comprehensive investment project. The November combined cycle gas turbine power station 122.6 MW and 95 Gcal / h is the first power facility of average power, which was built by an independent investor after the reform of the energy sector in Russia. The station will be the largest in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the subject of generation, in which uses innovative technology: the modern steam-gas cycle of production of electricity and heat, allowing more than one and a half times to reduce fuel consumption per unit of production in relation to existing power plants.

Power capacity is 122.6 MW, heat — 110 MW. The fuel used is natural gas main. In the main building of the plant has two combined-cycle power unit based on MS6001B gas turbine capacity of 42 MW of GE Energy. Steam-heat boilers U-131 has put engineering company "ZIOMAR." Steam turbine T-15, 5/20, 3 to 5, 4/0, 2 made the Kaluga Turbine Plant, turbine generators for steam turbines — Enterprise "Privod." Pipes NPGE right. Left tube boiler urban, working in conjunction with NPGE they would cover the city’s demand for heat. It creates a terrible impression of the amount of smoke, but is actually a pipe is water vapor and carbon dioxide.

With the commissioning of the power plant in Noyabr’sk appeared frost lake.

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