At the Olympic ski jump, the first international competition

On trampolines in Sochi hosted the first international competitions. Continental Cup brought together more than 50 athletes from Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Japan. Try a new springboard divers come titled, including four-time Olympic champion Simon Ammann of Switzerland. 

The international tournament was not only an important step in preparing for the 2014 Olympics, but also a significant event in the history of the national sports before summer competitions of international level in the discipline in Russia were not conducted. Their main goal was to test the sports complex, as well as training of technical personnel.

Jumps were performed with the Olympic Ski Jump K-125. In February, there have already passed the stage of the Cup of Russia. Summer starts pad to stop the covered layer of artificial grass, and the "mountain landing" laid Mylar brush soaked in water for a better glide.

Following two competition days showed the best result Norwegian Anders Jacobsen. On the sum of two jumps his result was 235.7. Second place went to Slovenian Tomas Naglich (232.7). The third place team spokesman David Poland Kubatsky (224.0). Russian Denis Kornilov — in fifth place (219.3).

Fully complete the construction of the complex is planned jumps in late 2012. The builders will have to put into operation the second jump — K-95 for the "flying" skiers. In addition, stands erect, four-story office building, a multi-level parking for 250 cars, and the judge’s tower commentator’s booth.

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