At the plant, NAVTEX in the Ivanovo region launched a new line

Forming enterprise in Navoloki Kineshemsky region Ivanovo region-HBK "NAVTEX" — realizes the project of modernization of finishing production. Total investment in the project of modernization of finishing production on the members of the Association TDL plant "NAVTEX" will be more than 670 million rubles.

To date, the plant opened a logistics warehouse, launched a new bintoreznoe manufacturing and laboratory facilities. Testing of the equipment installed on the line straightened gauze bleaching linen. The line capacity is 14 million meters per month.

The line has replaced the old equipment bleaching ferry that ran almost from the XIX century. Fundamentally changed conditions. Also, now "NAVTEX" will be able to produce gauze, appropriate domestic and international standards. To verify compliance with quality standards (including the surface density of gauze) used scientific development of the Ivanovo scientists.

The investment amounted to 100 million rubles. With a full load, the line will be operational by the end of March.

In the event that the results of the line will meet the original business plan, the company will set another similar line, and the total investment of $ 230 million.


KBC "NAVTEX" one of the oldest of the textile industry of the Ivanovo region. As part of the plant today are three main production: weaving, finishing and bintoreznoe. Weaving produces cotton fabric of calico and muslin. Finishing production specialized in the production of bleached byazey, toweling, medical gauze and its products. At the city-forming enterprise employs more than 2 million people.


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