At the poultry farm Kum (Stavropol Territory) commissioned the upgraded housing

In CAS "Poultry Kum" George area was a solemn commissioning of the upgraded housing for laying hens, calculated on 15 million eggs per year.

A distinctive feature of this case is the use of high-tech home equipment, manufactured in the Stavropol region — in ZAO "Pyatigorskselmash."

The cost of a new, "smart" housing totaled 12.5 million rubles, of which 2.3 million rubles from the regional budget subsidized. Putting it into operation will increase the number of bird places almost doubled — from 30 to 55 thousand. Thanks to the innovations of more than three times the reduced energy costs by one-tenth — of feed and water. Decrease the cost of production. As a result, profit, according to preliminary estimates, could grow by 40 percent. Also calculated that this year the company can provide its products to 64,000 people. It is expected that the project will pay for itself within three years.

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