At the poultry farm Reftinskaya being upgraded

The news a month ago, but for some reason passed the site. Correcting the omission. 

On the chicken farm "Reftinskaya" with the advent of the new leadership a modernization enterprise. "In terms of production capacity of the plant has exhausted itself three times, so we started thinking about to take a step forward," — said the new leader Vladimir Valchuk.

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2016 now launched a program with funding of 3.5 billion rubles. 

With this money, decided to make a complete redesign. 30 years Poultry "Reftinskaya" worked on cross-country "Change", which gave good results. But to increase the rate of production at the lowest cost found an alternative — French cross "Hubbard F15". "With this in 2016 on the same areas we can grow about 80 thousand tons of broiler meat per year, compared to 2011 — 43,000 tons," — said Vladimir Valchuk.

Today there is a lot of work on the reconstruction of factory farming. In particular, undergoing a complete restructuring of pedigree reproducers — 1 for the transfer of the bird with the content on the cell floor. There is a construction of a new incubator to 40 million eggs.

In nine cases of broiler plant continues tiered cell replacement batteries on chetyrehyarusnaya.


Also, "Reftinskaya" plans to acquire the necessary equipment for installation of an additional line of poultry slaughter.

Significant changes, but also targets for large volume production: from 120 — 130 tons to 260 tons of meat per day.
It should be noted that part of the enterprise, a large structural unit for the production of finished products, created on the basis Talitsky slaughterhouse. HR Service poultry is already recruiting new employees. In the near future some 250 residents Talitsky district will work on one of the largest enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region.

According to Acting General Director Vladimir Valchuk, due to the expansion of production require new staff. According to him, recently arrived from the application of slaughter house, where you have to dial another 70 people: we need workers and engineers. A total of 2 million factory employs 200 people, the average salary is 27 thousand rubles. To attract labor "Reftinskaya" began a program of co-financing the construction of housing for their employees. Now the village is being built Reftinskiy ten-and three low-rise building. 

According to the company’s management, and they are not afraid of Russia’s accession to the WTO. 

"We are concerned not so much to the world of meat on the planet, such as the U.S., China, Brazil, how many neighbors Chelyabinsk, who now make 200 tons of meat per year. Therefore have no time to lose," — said Valchuk.  



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