At the Rostov nuclear power plant, the technology of Multi-D

About 50 representatives of major companies in the energy market from countries such as Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, India, Kazakhstan, China, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, South Africa and Japan visited the construction site of the Rostov nuclear power units under construction.

The visit took place within the framework of participation in the III International Scientific and Practical Forum Multi-D «lifecycle management of complex engineering objects. Tools to support exploitation. "

The main purpose of the trip was an opportunity to demonstrate to delegates and guests of the Forum, as applied in practice technologies that will be the subject of a two-day discussion in the panel discussions and workshops.  

Guests were shown the possibility of visual modeling, which allows to see the 3D-model all components of the unit, with the technical specifications. "The technology significantly improves the quality of design and organizational and technological solutions — the director of construction, Alexander Hazin, speaking about the importance of this technology. — The technology allows you to quickly find the optimal solutions and engage all participants in the construction, as well as minimize the number of errors in the graphs through linkages between construction processes with elements of the design. "

The guests also visited the area enlarged assembly of metal structures for subsequent mounting them on a regular place. And foreign experts to monitor the progress in the reactor compartment and engine room unit number 3 and with the accounting system of storage facilities construction.

"We demonstrated our guests all the possibilities to create a system of governance structure of complex engineering objects — said, summing up the visit, the president of" NIAEP "Valery Limarenko. — The Rostov area clearly shows the results of our work in this direction. It is here introduced and the technology of Multi-D, and is designed to manage large amounts of data, including 3D-data, resource information, dates. This technology allows you to optimize the use of resources even before the start of construction, modeling the processes of NPP ".

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