At the Rudgormash the presentation of a new drilling rig

Vor developers have created a car that long-awaited mining companies.
At the "Rudgormash" the presentation of a new rig.
It is used in the extraction of minerals. A distinctive feature of the machine — a diesel drive, which allows the machine to autonomously move around. And all let out earlier technique of this class is powered by electricity, which had to be mounted directly in the career of electric networks. Interest in purchasing the diesel rig already shown a dozen potential customers. The first copy will go to Khakassia, where it will run on coal mines.

Paul Mamonov, director of "Hakasvzryvprom": "We are not afraid of getting your first car, because as I said, the friendship we already have a long-standing. We hope that this equipment will also be reliable, highly efficient, and bring us a favor. "
Victor Ermoloff, director of production at "Rudgormash": "Today, in the same Yakutia, Siberia, not all mining companies access to electricity. They need equipment with an independent drive, what is the diesel drive. So I think today is a great success and a big task that with the help of our designers put into practice. "

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