At the Saratov HPP after rekonstrutsii commissioned unit number 1

The branch of JSC "RusHydro" — "Saratov HPP" completed a comprehensive upgrade and put into operation the unit number 1, which combines two pairs of generators (at the hydroelectric № 1-4). The reconstruction on the power a more powerful unit transformer (manufacturing concern «ABB»), have been replaced by electrical conductors, generator circuit breakers, circuit breakers, relays, auxiliary devices.

The transformer increases the voltage from 10.5 kV to 220 kV, and then fed to an open distribution systems (OS), which enters into a power grid. The transformer is made specifically for the Saratov HPP, having regard to hydropower, more technologically perfect, equipped with automatic monitoring parameters, more compact and easy to maintain. The transformer has an effective air cooling system, the sealed design makes the equipment more environmentally friendly.

Complex reconstruction unit number 1 — one of the largest investment projects in Saratov HPP. A total of Saratov HPP five such units. The results of the survey was determined the extent of their actual depreciation, a project schedule and reconstruction. The first in 2009 was reconstructed in the hydroelectric power generating unit number 3, then every year — one more block. At the moment, 80% of the upgraded power equipment (4 of 5 units).

For communication units and switchgear at the Saratov HPP previously used high voltage 220kV oil-filled cable. During the reconstruction of this power cable was replaced with a new, fireproof, waterproof, more eco-friendly and durable. It is made specifically for SarGeS on foreign technology (cross-linked polyethylene), which helps to reduce transmission losses.

New equipment is not only more reliable, more secure, but also economical to operate, as requires minimal maintenance over 30 years.
Dismantling the unit was started in June 2012. The general contractor of "Elektroremont-WCC" — a subsidiary of RusHydro. The planned reconstruction of unit number 1 was exactly in accordance with the work schedule of the program complex modernization of Saratov HPP. In the same period in the corresponding region were repaired concrete surface area of variable levels (of concrete structures, the most exposed to external environmental factors). Repairs were carried out in parallel at the hydroelectric № 1-4: unit number 4 runs complete modernization, the first three were held current and capital repairs. This allowed the best use of idle time for the four hydroelectric power station renovation work.

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