At the site Novy chemical complex finishes installation of a heating system


"Novy Chemical Complex"— A project of the corporation "Gazprom" for deep processing of associated petroleum gas and light hydrocarbon gases produced during the preparation of the gas condensate is transported, for the production of polyolefins.

Construction Group, "VIS" complete installation of furnaces for heating diethylene Novy Urengoy gas chemical complex. Furnaces are the backbone of the satellite outdoor heating process equipment production facility. Now they are set on foundations on the site is an installation of auxiliary equipment and piping.
As the correspondent of IA "Sever-Press" Head of Public Relations of the group of companies "VIS" Sergei Kozlovsky, as the heating medium there will be a mixture of diethylene glycol and water, heated in a special furnace to a temperature of one hundred thirty degrees. Next preheated mixture is distributed on an autonomous satellite systems of heating the entire territory of the complex.

Construction Novy chemical complex is thirty kilometers from New Urengoy. The estimated capacity of GPCC — 400 thousand tons of low density polyethylene (LDPE) in the year with a possible increase to 1.2 million tons, 400 million tons of natural gas liquids (NGL) and 1.48 billion cubic meters. m fraction of methane annually. This production will be the largest in Russia. The raw material for the production of ethylene and polyethylene will be used gas produced in the Urengoy gas field.

The production cycle of Novy MCC is a single technological chain and comprises the following steps:
— of ethane from the feed gas,
— obtaining ethylene equipment and technology of "Linde" means ethane pyrolysis gas, followed by separation into fractions and purification of ethylene from impurities,
production of polyethylene from ethylene

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Administrative complex

The headquarters building



View of the rotational housing complex



The town builders





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