At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Russia has contracted by nearly 10 trillion rubles

Text:Russia Today

22.06.2013 / / 19:22

This year’s forum was concluded more than a hundred agreements worth a total of 9.6 trillion rubles. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Sergey Belyakov, the TV channel "Russia-2".

The champion this year was the company "Rosneft", which entered into a contract for the supply of crude oil China for 25 years. Its value is estimated at 8.2 trillion. rubles.

Last year during the St. Petersburg forum were signed soglassheniya total amount of 360 billion rubles. Thus, this year the figure has increased by 27 times.

Each year at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum gathers more than 5 thousand representatives of political and business leaders, leading academics, representatives of the public and the media from around the world. This year, the activities of the Forum was attended by President Vladimir Putin, who met with representatives of the so-called "Business Twenties." It includes representatives of business and the business communities of the countries of G20. The forum was also attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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