At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is a Do-RA.yuni

In the 16th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the resident "Skolkovo", JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" introduced a new generation of portable dosimeter-radiometer own line -RA together with Do-RA.Klassik.

This type of device also features a classic radiation sensor based on a Geiger-Muller counter. The new model is called DO-RA.uni,  applying the method to connect the device via the audio jack, as in the earlier prototype developed by us DORA.Classic with a Geiger-Muller counter for smartphones and iPhone-4 iPhone-4s.

DO-RA — Denotes the functionality of the device (radiometer)    uni — Short  

the model name from the word «universal» or "universal" in the range of use of the gadget.

A new generation of portable dosimeter-radiometer in size and design resembles a standard USB stick, easy to pocket carry and operational applications. Re-design of the case allows use-RA for almost all models of most manufacturers of smartphones. And above all, for key mobile software platforms, such as:  iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada. And as for operating systems:  Linux, Windows, MacOS, under which the program is written DO-RA.Soft. 


The developers note the distinctive features of the new design —  DO-RA.uni:


  • · New model DORA.uni allows you to work with all devices Apple line «I»:  iPhone-3, 3Gs, 4, 4s, iPad, iPad-2, iPad-3, iPod Touch method for connecting.
  • According to recent field trials, the new model consumes a dosimeter-radiometer not more than 1% the capacity of the standard on-board battery smart phone, which is connected to the device-RA. Tests were conducted on iPhone-4 and 4s.
  • · The new version of the device-RA improved design in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. Now-RA is placed in the standard case for smart phone to your belt while working in the continuous measurement mode.
  • · Special return mechanism retractable audio connector firmly presses Do-RA.yuni to the most smart phones and other devices.

In the program part-RA also made a number of improvements:

  • · Added a high-precision graph of per minute set of equivalent doses of ionizing radiation smartphone users and devices-RA and minute-by-minute schedule of dose rate measurement of ionizing radiation.
  • · A new image registration function-RA. It allows you to take a picture and send an e-mail photos of the object detected ionizing radiation. The photo also shows: the dose rate (the level of background radiation) of the object, its geographic coordinates and a photo shoot.

       On SPIEF-2012 has shown interest in the project, Sergei Kiriyenko, Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom"And a number of potential investors in the project, working with Southeast Asia.

       April 16, 2012 at the public presentation of our first prototype Apple-compatible-RA, we have clearly demonstrated our ability operate the device with the "cloud" service, which involves the transmission, storage and display of measurement data on the radiation environment carat Google in real time . We believe that our design will be truly socially-useful and thanks to crowdsourcing will benefit the whole of society and the state.

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