At the station, Adler specialists began landscaping

© / Aleksey Danilenko

Dismantling the boathouses and emergency farm was a multistory building, experts NGO "Mostovik" started excavation at the future site of the waterfront.

The first will be held coast-territory, after which will be built monolithic promenade (length 500 m, width of 6 to 8 m), paved with paving slabs reinforced with a total area of about 3000 square meters. m

Railway Square near the railway station will be two: the "sea" (about 100,000 sq. m.) And "city" (more than 37,000 sq m.). Major freight and passenger flows focused on the main "sea" station square, will be posted here 31 Buses for in the direction of Olympic venues and the airport.

The project envisages the planting of both the station square. The coastal area will be divided into small seaside park.


How to tell Head of the master plan for the NGO "Mostovik" Elena Kondratieff:

"Only within the station complex is planned to plant more than 7,300 trees and shrubs, about 300,000 of annual flowers and perennial herbaceous plants. In the park area are designed for specialized sites comfort expectations of public transport and trains. Places to stay are located at a distance of 150 meters further from the station entrances. "

Railway Square will be focused not only on the passenger and the mourners, but also for residents and tourists.

On station complex "Adler" implemented the principles of green building, the so-called green standards.

To provide hot water on the roof of the building capacity for 320 flat-plate solar collectors. Solar collectors will be used also for heating and lighting the building.

On poles street lighting will be installed small blocks of solar panels. Fixtures will be able to work for four or five days in the absence of the sun. Management fixtures will be automatically upon a signal from the sensor ambient light intensity.


Technology autonomous street lighting, the light source in which the LEDs are used as a source of energy — wind turbines or photovoltaic cells, has been used successfully around the world.

Sochi has a great potential for the introduction of renewable energy sources, using energy from the sun can illuminate the Sochi streets, parks and squares.

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