At the station in Sochi install solar panels

On the roof of the Olympic Park station is being installed photovoltaic modules. Solar panels will produce and direct the overall energy system of the station up to 128 kilowatts of electricity per hour. Sochi — one of the most favorable regions of Russia to introduce techniques for solar generation. There’s enough high insolation — the amount of solar radiation falling on the surface of the earth. The total duration of sunshine per year than 2000 hours. Station complex "Olympic Park" was an example of the wide use of "green" technologies are under construction in Sochi transport and sports facilities. In 2011, the station project was the winner for Environmental Innovation "recognition program" in the nomination "The best example of eco-efficient transport solutions."

Total 1,028 photovoltaic modules with a total area of about 1,550 square meters. m will work on the conversion of solar energy into electricity.

The modules combined in a circuit enclosed in frames of aluminum and placed on the sub-systems on flat parts of the roof. "At the station, the Olympic Park mounted thin-film photovoltaic modules manufactured in Switzerland. This type of solar cell has been successfully used in large-scale energy supply systems. Thin film modules are characterized by a large area of the working surface, require minimal maintenance. They do not require ultra-precise calculation of the angle of installation as susceptible to the sun’s rays even on a cloudy day, "- said Alexey Drozdov, chief technology officer of the contractor" Vensus "performing installation and commissioning of solar panels. At present, almost 100% of installed photovoltaic modules being installed cabling, inverters, controllers, and all the elements geliostantsii. Construction and installation work on the station complex close to the finish line. In the passenger terminal building completed decorating, glazing made partitions between rooms, all stair assemblies made granite cladding. Engineering and communication networks within the station prepared for commissioning. Completed installation of elevator and lifting equipment, including four escalators — each 18 meters long and weighing 11 tons. On the platforms have been laid paving slabs mounted placards, racks emergency notification and communication with operators, speakers and camera. On the canopies above the platforms are set vihrerazrushiteli — plates of injury-size laminated glass in an average of 800 to 1200 mm. These plates are "split" air eddies and does not allow the wind to distort the roof covering. Has been actively working in the area adjacent to the railway station complex. Network and water supply systems, sewerage systems are connected to the main pipeline. Performs device power line connecting the station with the technical station, the construction of local water treatment plants and pumping stations. "Deployed scale improvement works. There is a massive removal of soil and vertical planning area, the unit of parking lots and driveways. As soon proceed to the general cleaning after construction of the building, in September to begin the process of transfer of the facility to the customer and the operating organization, "- said Eugene Fedyanin, head of SMU-5 NGOs" Mostovik ". Station complex railway station "Olympic Park" is built in Sochi, on request DKRS-Sochi JSC "Russian Railways". General Contractor — MC "Transugstroy." The architectural design of the studio "Studio-44" (Saint-Petersburg). Construction carries the NGO "Mostovik" (Omsk).

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