At the Tambovapparat opened a new shop

Aug. 9

The new production unit is equipped with modern equipment. In the shop, where will collect the most complex electronic modules — liquid anti-static flooring. It will be supported by a particular micro-climate and sterile cleanliness.

The plant "Tambovapparat" — a modern diversified enterprise specializing in the production of complex systems and defense purposes.

This event is for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Tambovapparat" occurred on a day when the company celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Over the past years, the plant "Tambovapparat" transformed. The company, successfully came out of bankruptcy, was able to acquire a "second wind." The plant was put into practice the program of modernization and refurbishment. The opening of a new plant for the production of electronic modules 5-6 generations — one of the points of the program.

The volume of the plant portfolio in 2011 compared to the previous year and a half times. Now the company employs 650 people. In the near future will begin a new set of experts.

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