At the Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant tested the newest of positioner for telescopes on defense subjects.

At JSC "Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant" have passed the preliminary tests of the newest of positioner for telescopes on defense subjects. To the test developers have come — the representatives of JSC "SPC" Systems Precision Instrument "(Moscow), JSC" Special Machine Building Design Bureau "(St. Petersburg) and St. St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Work perspective — so it is attention.

Engineering design of the product existed only in the form of a drawing. The specialists of "Zlatmash" make it happen. Rotary support is an integral part of a powerful optical-electronic complex for space control.

According to the deputy chief of the R & D of "Scientific and Production Corporation" Precision Instrument Systems "Igor Tarasenko, later on slewing establish objectives that will detect space objects and elements of space debris. The device will be indispensable to the operation of the spacecraft.

Opportunities telescopes repeatedly demonstrated in aerospace interiors, "capturing" aircraft performing the airfield aerobatics, the telescope automatically accompanies it, never for a moment letting go of sight. Here in charge for that support-rotating device.

— These are the latest developments in terms of digital drive, — said the head of the department of St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Ph.D. Valentin Thomases — all drives are controlled by the computer with a single center.

— Currently, this support-rotating device is fully ready. Tests show that this unit does have conceived accuracy characteristics, — said Deputy General Director of JSC "Zlatmash" in defense production Valentin Nosov. — Work on the production of the device we started in 2009. Our goal was to not only make this design, but also to develop technology production. Routine tests on the factory level were successful. Now we demonstrate the results of their work to representatives of the customer. No complaints about the quality.

Both sides were satisfied with the cooperation. In the future of "Zlatmash" will produce two more complex and powerful slewing device under the contracts.

Irina Fedorova.
Photo by Vladimir Golynkin.
Department of Public Relations and Mass Communications of "Zlatmash"

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