At Trinity excavation of Veliky Novgorod in this season already found 21 birch-bark scroll

This is related to today’s archaeologists Novgorod, July 19, a press conference on the results of the first half of the summer season.

— As we recall, the archaeological season in 2010 gave us 42 birch bark letters — said in his speech, Doctor of Philological Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Hippius. — And for the first half of the season has already found 21 message.

All of them are found in the excavation of the Trinity. Moreover, 20 — in the prirezki, where archaeologists exploring the estate "F". What pleases experts, much of the birch bark documents represent the entire texts.

— It is noteworthy that 15 birch-bark manuscripts belong hand we already know Yakima — said Hippius. — Today — is the most significant set of texts by one author.

It follows from the nature of the texts — and that the majority of different records secular — Yakima, likely was the manager of a certain family of boyars.

Interestingly, of the whole complex of letters Yakima text of one message is not written along the bark fibers, as was the custom, and across.

— This way of writing is found only in three charters found in Moscow — said the expert.

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