At Voronezh aviapoligone mounted newest information system

The aviation ground in the Voronezh region mounted newest system of information support of aviation exercises designed to collect, process, display information about the mock battles, and rapid assessment of the results of combat use against ground targets. , REGNUM head of the press service of the Western Military District, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

The system is based observation point 3, equipped with video cameras and radar-round view, as well as registration information stations. The observation points for visual identification perform all tasks on the range and output to the screen flight director. Automated complex during training exercises control over the traffic situation around the landfill, records and displays on the monitor of the target environment and the position of aircraft in the preparation and application of air strikes by different types of weapons. The use of this complex allows the manager to quickly assess the level of flight training of flight personnel in carrying out combat training tasks, as well as to visualize the accuracy of the ground attack, said the representative WEST.

In addition to complex video surveillance recording of the radio management manned flight, flight director captures the actions of management crews in the air. The totality of the data collected can play the entire air battle manager that allows you to fly as accurately analyze and evaluate the actions of crews in the analysis of the combat training missions. The received data is stored in the computer’s memory, allowing you to analyze the dynamics of professional growth throughout the period of study, up to the individual pilot.

In the near future the system will evaluate the actions of the crew of new Su-34, which entered service WEST troops at the end of 2011.

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