Audit ECP is complete. Supply of uranium to France to continue.

"Electrochemical Plant" was visited by representatives of the «Electricite de France» (EDF) and AREVA to conduct audits in a long term contract of 29 December 2005 between JSC "TENEX" and EDF for the supply of enriched uranium for nuclear power plants in France, reported on September 3 ECP. The contract provides for the systematic verification Russian enrichment facilities involved in its execution. The previous visit of auditors to ECP was held in 2010. The purpose of this visit was to assess the quality management system requirements of the ECP French regulations and international standard ISO 9001, relating to the supply of uranium hexafluoride (UF6); as well as verification of compliance with the recommendations of the previous audit. Auditors visited the site of the uranium storage of the product, check the production and maintenance.  

In particular, the checking process of receiving / shipping containers, including pumping, filling and weighing. Also, the auditors visited the chemical analytical laboratory and the laboratory of radiochemical analysis. In addition, issues management equipment for measuring and monitoring, as well as procurement, control, etc. Summing up the visit, the quality manager Vincenzo regolith AREVA stated that "the process of analyzing and shipment of products for the French nuclear power plant meets all the necessary requirements, major and minor discrepancies were found." For its part, EDF contracts manager Jacques Roussel said that in all the years thirty years of partnership "There was not a single complaint and serious remarks to the production of ECP." Representatives both French companies expressed interest in continuing cooperation with the ECP.

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