August snowfall in Karaganda

August 15, 2013. August snowfall. That night, the residents of Karaganda witnessed the unusual rainfall. According to witnesses, the snow was falling from the sky, though, pink.

MICHAEL Privalov, journalist — I have photographed. Here are highlights. It snow, snow. When the rain, there is no such reflections. I put on «Facebook» time and temperature. It was 12 degrees.

Eyewitnesses reported that the snowfall in Karaganda began after 10 pm. Deposits covered rooftops. However, meteorologists have recorded no snow. On this day, weather forecasters predicted rain, and to the news were skeptical. However, the likelihood of snow in August, do not exclude the environmentalists. What happened, they called the wonders of nature.

DMITRY KALMYKOV, director of Karaganda "Eco-Museum":

— Normal substantial natural phenomena that no weatherman can not predict, including tornadoes, typhoons, thunderstorms. We know from history that the phenomenon occurred when thousands of miles from the deserts of sand dropped, raised by the wind of the desert. Or pollen is transferred for 10-15 thousand kilometers. And wonder why puddles white or green.

Source: TV channel "Channel 31"

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