Australia is going to join the Kyoto-2

Australia is going to join the Kyoto-2 save the planet

Australia, one of the major producers of greenhouse gases in the world, has decided to sign the Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, the Kyoto Protocol entering into the second phase of its action. At the same time, her neighbor, New Zealand, in an international agreement to participate refused.

Except Australia only the European Union and a number of small states in their world have decided to support the protocol and extend it for a second term. For the whole Australian continent is a serious step, because almost all of the country's economy is based on coal-mining industry, which is so harmful to the environment.
The first part Kiostskogo Protocol expires at the end of December this year. New document finally going to discuss only in 2015, and in 2020 it can come into force and will propose new limits on the developed economies of the world green. Australian leaders have expressed the hope that the agreement poderzhat many states, and the restrictions will apply not only to greenhouse gases, but also other harmful emissions. This is to ensure that the global environment, "doing better" as soon as possible.
Perhaps, the new version will be more fair to assess the negative impact of both developed and developing economies in pollution to the growing industrial giants such as China, India and Brazil could not apply uncontrolled hazardous to clean air, water and soil technology.
Supporting the Kyoto Protocol, Australia looked to 2020 to reduce harmful emissions by 5% compared to 2000 levels. Local businesses will be able to receive international loans designed to assist them in the transition to "green" technology.

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