Authorities Saransk: the system will be connected EnergyCity every home

Saransk first Russian cities ready to go fully automated accounting system of public resources.


As reported by the municipal urban management, work on implementation of the system-wide energy accounting podomovogo and every apartment is close to the final stage. At present, a single point of recording and analysis of all types of energy resources is already connected Saransk half-rise buildings.

Local authorities are confident that the ambitious project called "EnergyCity" will serve not only an effective tool in dealing with such pressing problems as energy saving, but also will make payments between the supplier and the consumer of public services fully transparent.

Another "municipal revolution" in the capital of the region began just over a year ago — to the city’s implementation of the program to implement "integrated automated dispatch system and metering of utility resources" here began in December 2010. By the summer of this year, when the project is fully implemented, the system will cover the entire city — in total it will be connected to the 2360 multi-family homes served by the 39th managers.

— Such a system as an experiment is now being tested in a number of cities, including those in neighboring regions — but there it is "being piloted" in some neighborhoods, for certain types of resources. In Saransk is this model is implemented in a complex — for all types of energy — and the scale of the whole city, — states the Deputy Minister of Housing RM Alexei Ermishev. — Thus we expect to get the maximum effect.

Innovation has been successfully operating today. Installed in homes metering units are connected to a single server, which receives all information received by the tenants of public services. Here you can visually track the details of each apartment — for example, the temperature of the water in the pipes, force mains voltage — and if these measures do not comply with the documents on hand to require recalculation. However, unscrupulous consumers also have hard times — the system also records the meter is off, set in an apartment or other freebies lover "bug."

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