AutoKrAZ entrenched in Southeast Asia

"Public Joint Stock Company" KrAZ "organized a regional center for the promotion of KrAZ vehicles in Southeast Asia. This is the first project of PJSC" KrAZ "far abroad", — said in a statement.

Area of responsibility of the newly created Center — Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Its main purpose is to manage the dealer network for sales of KrAZ vehicles, provision of maintenance and repair, in addition, the center will provide various financial services to customers.

Headquarters of the company is AUTOKRAZ ASIA PTE LTD, located in Singapore, registration of which took place in early July.

"Currently, the marketing efforts AUTOKRAZ ASIA PTE LTD concentrated on the Indonesian market with a focus on the mining segment, where the positions of trucks KrAZ strongest. As mining industry in Indonesia is developing dynamically and has great potential, it is this segment of the market is defined priorities in the business plan of the company AUTOKRAZ ASIA PTE LTD ", — said in a statement.

According to a report in the marketing plan at the beginning of autumn 2012 will be tested KrAZ trucks at one of the coal fields of the island of Sumatra, and organized exhibit space KrAZ in Kalimantan.

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