Automatic interplanetary station Mars Express has reached the Red Planet.



Automatic interplanetary station "Mars Express" has reached the Red Planet.

04.12.03, the



RBC. 04.12.2003, Darmstadt 4:58:22. Automatic interplanetary station "Mars Express", launched in the first European interplanetary mission reached the Red Planet and took the first picture of its surface at close range. The image was done at a time when the ship was at a distance of 5.5 million kilometers from Earth. "Mars Express", launched six months ago, is close to its destination and has to go into orbit around the fourth planet of our solar system on December 25 SG, reports BBC BBC.

While in orbit, the ship on the surface of the planet falls British probe "Beagle 2", which will look for signs of possible life on Mars. High-resolution stereo camera installed on board the "Mars-Express", will transmit to Earth color three-dimensional image of the surface of Mars highest resolution. Moving the "Beagle 2" and other vehicles, with deliveries to the planet, will also be monitored by a camera. The total project cost is estimated at 300 million euros.







































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