Avangard — a vivid example of agribusiness Ryazan region

Cattle complex LLC "Vanguard" was opened in 2010, is located in the village of Khirin Ryazan region Ryazan region.

Whole complex is designed for 1,200 head of cattle. 1,000 of them — the dairy cows. The farm is practiced loose housing. All the cattle are Holsteins. Back in the early days of the farm here brought high pedigree animals from Hungary and Canada. Today, imports account for only 50% of the herd repair — other animals are grown already in place.

Forage base site — farm is self-sufficient and hay, and straw, and silage and fodder.

On this complex planned capacity has been reached. Now the owners of the farm are planning to build a second set of 800 heads.

Besides the production of meat and milk LLC "Vanguard" is involved in agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing semi-finished products.

Currently at the construction site in the village of Khirin built gated development of 50 houses for employees.

According to the Governor of Ryazan Region Oleg Kovalyov, in 2013, the region will have 10 cottage communities for professionals working directly in the agricultural sector and in the public sector.


All animals (except calves) are contained in the spacious, well-ventilated areas.

The animals always have access to fresh water drinkers and a special brush that cows can clean up their own.

Calves are separated from adult animals. Each has an individual house.

The farm is set milking parlor of the "Carousel» — AutoRotorMagnum 40.

All information is fed into a computer, and milk — in cooling tanks.

The computer has a special program DairyPlan, allows you to manage a modern herd with any livestock.

Each tank is kept at 10 tons of milk.

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