Average ticket Russians in stores exceeded 500 rubles

The average check at a Russian citizen shopping trip in August amounted to 505 rubles, that is increased relative to the July figures, with growth for the first few years of measurements is observed throughout the summer.

August and July’s average check is mainly explained by an increase in frequency of the everyday purchases, reports"Romir".

The main centers that contributed to the average growth rate in average check across the country, became the North-West and Volga regions. In the remaining districts, the average check value has changed slightly compared to July.

But in Moscow, the average check from month to month thinner. In August, he still fell slightly from July’s 715 rubles to 696 rubles. In July, it was down by 1.5% compared with June and returned to the level of February. In August, down 5% compared to July, but was only 2% higher than in August 2012.

In cities with a population of over one million people average bill does not change in the long run for two years (since October 2011). In cities with populations of 500,000 to a million residents average bill in August rose by 4.5% compared with July. In two years, it grew by 16%.

The stores that sell over the counter, after five months of gradual decline, the average check increased by 13.5% at once. And compared with August 2012, the value of this index was higher by 22.5%.

For three years (since August 2010) index of the average check at stores that sell over the counter, rose by 71%. It may be noted that the growth rate of this index stores selling over the counter, ahead of all other formats of stores.

In supermarkets and hypermarkets figures the average ticket in August compared with July were down 1-1.5%. Compared with August last year they rose by 7.5%. And over the past three years to 25-27%.

The study "Romir" is based on data from 10,000 Number of Russians out of the cities with a population of 100,000 people.

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