Aviastar-SP and JSC Tupolev began testing the Tu-204-300 with superior interior

October 29 at the airfield complex "Ulyanovsk-East" first flew Tu-204-300 with beauty and superior long-range flight. Thus began a series of certification test aircraft.

 Photo source:uacrussia.ru

In the 13th hour. 41 minutes. airliner gently pulled away from the runway and took up flying mission. Within a half hour the crew led by test pilot of "Tupolev" Victor minashkina working out a program on an altitude of 500 to 7,000 meters and completed two passes in a hundred meters from the ground.

At 15.03 Ulyanovsk "trehsotka" successfully landed. "Flight mission fully implemented, all systems are operating normally", — said Victor Minashkin. "The first flight of the machine showed that it was prepared perfectly — said assistant general manager for flight tests" Aviastar-SP "Gennady Semochkin. — No significant observations of the crew of the aircraft no. "

The Tu-204-300 is designed for the "Special Flight Unit" Russian "Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. The new aircraft is equipped with modern navigation equipment, ensuring that all the requirements of airworthiness standards and requirements on the noise level, including European ones. Tu-204-300 is equipped with a lounge deluxe room, which is well protected from noise, equipped with modern telephone systems and Internet access.

Medium / long-range Tu-204-300 — a shortened modification of the Tu-204-100. With additional fuel tanks liner has increased range, which at full payload is 6.4 thousand km. Flight and navigation equipment and low noise allow you to use aircraft in Western Europe. The aircraft has been released. The passenger version of the aircraft is successfully used in the airline "Vladivostok Avia", where the average monthly flight time is about 350 hours.

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