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"United Engine Corporation ‘(APC), as well as the entire Russian aviation industry is going through hard times. Business debt exceeds their annual revenue. In his first interview after the appointment of the company’s CEO Vladislav Masalit, told RBC daily SERGEY STARIKOVA about how the industry is recovering.

— You do not so long ago led the "United Engine Corporation ‘(APC). Will the company’s strategy?

— One of the first tasks I set myself, to be it — the formation of a viable organizational structure of the company and the creation of a modern industrial holding company, and what are the major competitors in the global market UEC. We need to end decide what features to focus in the parent structure of the holding company, and which — in the division. Even last year, the leadership of "Oboronprom" in the DCS was implemented divisional organizing principle. At the same division — are not separate legal entities. They control the respective plants, whose shares are still owned by APC. In the structure of APC today has four divisions: "engines for combat aircraft", "engines for civil aircraft" "Helicopter engines" and "Energy and industrial programs." We are also working on the creation of the aggregate division on the basis of the Perm factory "Star".

— Does the divisional principle for design offices?

— Yes, we allow the optimal organization of divisions and design and production capabilities, and the ability to service the engines. That’s why the decision was made to transfer them to NTC. Cradles of "Saturn" in "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" (UMPO) as NTC them. Cradles are always engaged in combat theme engines that are always made on UMPO and "Salute", but never on the "Saturn". And vice versa: KB "Saturn" and CB "Aircraft Engine" — a two related KB civil engine.

— Will there be abolished at the enterprises of commercial services?

— Yes, will be abolished and transferred to the divisions. This process is linked to the development of the program of refinancing debt.

— Do you plan to create a division of missile engines?

— The issue under discussion. We are actively working with the NGO "Energomash" as the primary developer of Russian space engines.

— Why Permian enterprise combined with the Rybinsk "Saturn"?

— In terms of the share capital of these enterprises are not consolidated. PMZ (PMZ), "Aircraft Engine" and "Saturn" remain separate legal entities, subsidiaries UEC. In 2013, at the "Saturn" is expected to increase production by signing a contract with China for the supply of D-30KP. Perm same bush is in decline orders. Co-operation on the elements and nodes that are one or the other plant can make faster and better is needed. For example, "cold part" of the engine — the competence of "Saturn" and not questioned. At the same time, "Aircraft Engine" develops PD-14 with no such experience of modern aircraft engine certification, which received CB "Saturn" by working together with Snecma.

— A Federal State Unitary Enterprise "NPTSG" Salute "when enters the APC?

— By the end of the year the company will be corporatized, all shares will go into "Rostekhnadzor", then — in the "Oboronprom" and then in the DCS. The "Salute" de facto already working in close cooperation with the JDC, and we consider operational and financial plans with the "Salute". Together with UMPO and plant them. Chernyshev, he works in the division "Engines for combat aircraft." Within this division has created the engine AL-31: knots, "hot part" makes "Salute", "cold part", assembly and testing — UMPO. As part of the implementation of this idea we have specialized sites threefold increase in serial production.

— Until what time production site "Salute" in the center of Moscow will continue working?

— The site continues, but the production will undergo significant changes. Moscow and Omsk area are already part of military engines division. In the framework of cooperation and specialization will be changes as a result of which the "Salute" will produce certain components and parts for UMPO and OMO them. Baranov. In this case, the Moscow area, "Salute" We plan to focus the design departments of military aviation division, joining SEC "Granite" and design them. Cradles. In the future, it will settle all the engineering center of the corporation. Now the territory of "Salute" moved JDC office. Also, we are increasing the capacity of the local pilot production.

— The platform of the plant. Chernyshev when you sell?

— From 1 January 2016 the production of the RD-33 should be in the new co-operation: the Moscow area "Salute" (parts and assemblies), a platform UMPO (components, parts, assembly and test), the Omsk court "Salute" (repair kits and engine overhaul RD-33/RD-93). Question transferring production from MMP. Chernyshev called loss ratio of this area. A significant upgrade it the same way we can not, as such enterprises belong to the third level of environmental risk and reconstruction of production facilities in the city of Moscow legally impossible. For these reasons we made the difficult decision to transfer production from the site of MMP. Chernyshev. But for the UEC is economically advantageous because the plant will cease after translation to generate losses that far exceed the 12 billion rubles.

— Will enter a "Motor-Sich" in the DCS?

— The sense in this. We have mastered the production of the VK-2500, also is the developer of the engine. D-436 is a very small series. There are prospects for cooperation only at the D-27 engine, which is mounted on a transport plane An-70.

— UEC plans to assemble engines D-27 in Russia?

— Now comes the process of harmonization of the policies in the Russian Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine. We see this collaboration in the form of a joint venture, whose members will have equal rights to results of intellectual activity. But the decision will be taken only from the point of view of economic expediency.

— The contract for the supply of the PS-90 to IL-476 was signed?

— With PMZ contract is signed. We coordinate with the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) prices and delivery schedule adjustment motors to keep the commodity release Permian plant in 2013. While it turns out that in 2013 the KLA must pass the Defense Ministry is only one plane, that is, we need to put four engines. So we are trying to negotiate the delivery of advanced engines — up to ten pieces. Just getting ready for the production of 200 engines. Most of them will be set at 39 Il-476, which were purchased by the Ministry of Defence.

— What will happen to the PS-90A2 engine, which is installed on the Tu-204?

— We are ready to produce, but the order is still small. Association "Saturn" and PMZ in the same division should reduce the cost of production of this engine, and we hope that it will become increasingly in demand by our airlines.

— What are the prospects for the PD-14 engine, which is being developed for MS-21?

— In September 2010 the Perm Design Bureau "Aircraft Engine" finished testing e
ngine technology demonstrator, which was confirmed during the operation of parts and components, including those made with the use of "critical technologies". We have a contract to supply "Irkut" 50 of these engines. Bulk deliveries of engines to begin in 2017.

— Is on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 engines is not enough? Last year, there were numerous hints that the problem of the aircraft in the late delivery of motors.

— There is no gap there, "Saturn" fully performed its contractual obligations before PowerJet and "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC). In 2012, it was delivered 36 engines. Have exchange engines, they are owned by PowerJet and participate in the process of maintenance and operation.

— Meanwhile, in the Sheremetyevo constantly stands on six out of ten Sukhoi Superjet 100 …

— This question is for "Aeroflot" is the theme of exploitation. Percentage of failure or nevyleta aircraft because power plants — 0.1. Whatever may be said, but the situation is such that more than six months between PowerJet and "Aeroflot" not signed the documents on the operation of engines, and in fact we do not even have reason to perform routine maintenance.

— How is the program of import substitution "Klimov"?

— The first engine of the Russian component was collected and put on the long-term tests December 18, 2012. This year will already produced about 50 units, and in 2015 we plan to increase the volume of production of the VK-2500 Russian components up to 500 units per year. Thus, in 2016 the company will fully satisfy the need for "Helicopters of Russia" in the engines.

— Recently, the topic often has remotorization An-2 foreign engines?

— The domestic engine for this project is. It was made on OMO them. Baranova, which released about 20 pieces and discontinued due to lack of orders. However, competence is not lost, and the ability to produce engines have. But the Ministry of Transport of us said that plans to produce engines for the Russian An-2 is not, and there are plans for the acquisition of a foreign engine.

— Why is the Ka-62, French is the engine?

— Unfortunately, the RD-600 was not ready in time. But we are discussing the question of localization at the "Klimov" production of certain engine components Ardiden. We have the competence, capacities, too. By the way, I want to say that we are considering purchasing a license for the production of well-established and applied in the Russian airplane and helicopter engines. In this way, we hope to bridge the gap that exists in our ability to build and create a large range of modern engines with certificates EASA and FAR.

— For China, what are the long-term prospects of cooperation?

— Today, we have quite an active phase of cooperation with China in terms of the supply of new engines of different modifications for combat and transport aircraft. There were more than 1,000 delivered engines. In 2012 — about 250, similar plans for 2013. There are positive developments in the legalization of licensed repair. A contract was signed on TV3-117 and VK-2500.

— Do you plan to in the near future the creation of any joint venture?

— Types of cooperation discussed c Pratt & Whitney, HoneyWell and AVIC. Since GE is working joint venture to produce gas turbines.

— How much of the state order was made in 2012?

— In 2012, the UEC companies were made commitments to contracts worth a total of 27 billion rubles. We estimate that the state defense order for 2013 for businesses UEC increase by more than 15%.

— Do you plan to sell some shares UEC?

— The task of an IPO or attract a mate is, but not in the next three years. The last four years we have solved the problem of the consolidation of the industry, and this procedure is only just coming to an end. In addition, changes in the capital structure will affect the ability to participate in federal programs. Now we are involved in the program "Development of the military-industrial complex", "Development of Civil Aviation" and "National Technological Base". And this is one of the most important components of the DCS.

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