AvtoVAZ asks former workers to return to plant

Due to the increased production LADA Largus AvtoVAZ is recruiting citizens to work in the new production cars on the B0 platform. The chief of the department of personnel Alexander Pozdnyakov. "The situation on the labor market in the city is complex, the number of vacancies is several times higher than the number of officially registered unemployed. Given this, we first turn to temporary employees and former employees of AvtoVAZ, which in times of crisis has been proposed temporary transfer in subsidiaries" Reforming Center "and" AvtoVAZ-Perspective "- in the manufacture of body welding they will be given permanent jobs," — said Alexander Leonidovich.

Currently, the production of B0 requires staff to work in the following professions: welder resistance welding machines, electric welder manual welding, bodywork beaters, painter, mechanic mechanical works, the driver of the loader operator mechanized warehouses, Electrical and others. If a person does not have the desired degree, it will be sent for free training necessary profession, says Corporate Publishing Company.


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