AvtoVAZ began mass production of Lada Kalina-2

AvtoVAZ starts mass production of the new "Kalina". It is expected that prices will become known "berry" model.

At the ceremony start production Kalina present AvtoVAZ president Igor Komarov, Samara Region Governor Nikolai Merkushin and top managers of Togliatti.

After launching a series of new items at the landfill EC AvtoVAZ will be the first mini-test "Kalina". The long test drive for journalists kicks off on Friday, May 17, on the Samara region — Tatarstan — Ulyanovsk region.

This month, "Kalina" will be presented in the colors of "phoenix" (dark gray) and already familiar enamels "Colombian greens", "port", "ice" and "ice."

In June, Kalina-2 will be painted in the new colors, "Diplomat" (metallic blue) and "Venus" (metallic red). In the first summer month "berry" model will also get famous all over the internet color of the "magma" (bright orange metallic) — This is where the "Kalina" shone at the Moscow Motor Show.

In addition to these colors for the new LADA Kalina in June prepared enamel "Riesling" (metallic silver), "port", "grant" (gray-blue metallic) and "space" (Black metallic).

As it became known, version of the "standard" will cost 324 000 rubles. Suite — from 445 hatchback, station wagon from 452. In the first cars available for sale in the "suite". According to Igor Komarov, "full of stuffing." Machines will be available in June of this year.

Photos from the official presentation:

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