AvtoVAZ has equipped Lada Kalina system safe parking

 Photo source:i-mash.ru

"AvtoVAZ" has released the first batch of Lada Kalina in the new configuration. Now these cars are equipped with safe parking, the press service of the automaker. In the first game Lada Kalina with the secure parking was made 68 wagons and 50 cars with a body "hatchback".

Three sensors parking sensors located in the rear bumper, the cabin provides audible alarm. Parking sensors installed in the top of the range, where is in addition to options such as ABS, airbags, audio system, climate system. This new option adds to the suggested retail price of 5 million rubles.

In addition, family cars Lada 4×4 received new interior upholstery. The introduction of the new interior, said in a press release "AvtoVAZ" — the next stage of modernization Lada 4×4, which was launched in 2009. The first chassis was recycled. Modernization of the chassis and a partial update of the design will support the demand for LADA 4×4 up to remove it from production. "AvtoVAZ" plans to assemble Lada 4×4 2015. New interior upholstery added to the recommended retail price LADA 4×4 1.9 thousand rubles.

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