AvtoVAZ has summed up the sales of LADA cars in 2012

Last year, AvtoVAZ sold more than half a million cars in Russia, so the average domestic auto giant sold for half thousand cars a day.



In 2012, the Volga car sold in Russia 608,205 vehicles, including 537,625 cars under the brand name Lada. Lada cars in Russia in the past year were sold on average: from 61 cars per hour at 1.5 thousand per day, 10.3 thousand a week and 44.8 thousand units per month.

In December 2012, the Company sold the dealers Togliatti 48,900 cars Lada, of which 43 354 — in Russia. It is worth noting that throughout the year, AvtoVAZ poodderzhival selling their models various discounts. So, in 2012, prices have been announced for such cars as the Lada Priora, Samara and Kalina.

The greatest demand among Russian buyers in the past year used the family car Priora — 125,951 car for 12 months. In terms of sales model Lada Grantaslightly behind the family Priora, showing the result of 121,151 cars sold.

For the full year AvtoVAZ to export 70,580 cars, 5,546 cars in December.

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