AvtoVAZ has won the tender to develop a hybrid vehicle

"AvtoVAZ" has received a government order for the development of a hybrid car. The development of sustainable transport project plant will receive from the federal budget of 499 million rubles. The first samples will be presented in 2014, if they are successful in "Autovase" create separate manufacture.

"AvtoVAZ" has won a tender to build a hybrid passenger car. The customer is the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Ministry of Industry). Information on this site is for procurement. Under the contract, the company must by 2014 to develop and test four prototypes, which will be submitted to the Commission of the Ministry.

In late May, Industry and Trade Ministry has placed an order, involving the development of passenger and freight cars, and buses with a combined power plant. For each of the projects the ministry has allocated from the federal budget by 499 million rubles. Thus, the total amount of the contract was 1.5 billion

According to the project, "AvtoVAZ" is to build a B-class car with a combustion engine, the appropriate standard of not less than "Euro 6", complete with an electric motor. The maximum speed of the car must not be less than 160 km / h

Also, according to the contract, the Togliatti plant will invest another 499 million rubles. In addition, 149,600,000 "AvtoVAZ" will translate Ministry of Industry to secure the contract. Harness the budget Togliatti plant will be gradual. In 2012, during which the "AvtoVAZ" is to prepare construction documents for the main assemblies of experimental samples of the combined drive planned 98 million rubles from the federal budget.

Another 287 million plant will spend the next year, when they built the first experimental samples, and 114 million rubles Ministry of Industry will provide in 2014. If the test results will arrange the commission of the Ministry, the factory will open a new assembly line. Besides VAZ, participated in the competition and FSUE "us", but the plant was able to offer more favorable terms. Reduce the initial price during the auction, none of the participants are not offered.

"… The commission of experts evaluated the Industry and Trade Ministry proposals on the following criteria: the applicant’s experience in vehicle development on alternative energy sources, scientific and technical potential, the research and testing facilities, the practice of cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers of components and engineering services, and of course, the real possibility of the applicant commercialization of results of development in production. According to the results of the contest "AvtoVAZ" was the winner … "- said in a statement.

As the newspaper writes, "Samara Review", citing its own sources within the company, to develop a hybrid model vazovtsy will work with "us" and his long-time partner BOSH. Also not ruled out the involvement of other partners of the plant to develop new models.

The theme of "green" technologies Volga car is considering the first year. In 2011, the plant’s press service reported on trials of an all-electric car based on the Lada Kalina — Lada ElLada. Weight is 1200 kg electric car. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h — 13 seconds. Top speed is 140 km / h The battery charge lasts for 140 km. Battery charging time — 8:00. The first batch of 100 electric plant was to be released in 2012.

In addition, the factory at the end of last year, has mentioned the possibility of establishing on the basis of bi-fuel car Lada Granta, which will run on both petrol and gas. "Initially, we had planned to release in 2012, Lada Priora on methane, but the demand for such cars will be too small, and a new platform for the" Priory "will be ready in three years," — quoted then "Interfax", the words of Vice President of Technical Development Yevgeny Shmelev during a demonstration of a similar car based on the Lada Priora Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

"AvtoVAZ" is working on hybrids for a long time. Before there came "Rosoboronexport", were even made a few cars exhibited at exhibitions, among which were the models for hydrogen fuel, there were various combinations of fuels. It has been a lot of developments made with the participation of relevant institutions, defense. Now if they would get all of its projects, the funding provided should be no problem "- said" the Newspaper "executive director of the analytical agency" Autostat "Sergei remove.

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