AvtoVAZ in 2014 will establish the release of new licensed motor

License for the production of a new generation of engines Renault-Nissan alliance gave the Volga car for free. This was the Russian automotive forum the president of AvtoVAZ, Igor Komarov.

In 2017, at the facilities of Togliatti will be provided an annual output of 450,000 engines of the new generation.


According to Komarov, who cite "Vedomosti", is the first major project as Renault-Nissan for the localization of foreign engines. Engines will be supplied to other factories in Russia and the alliance may be exported.
In addition, Komarov said that in early April, AvtoVAZ expects to start mass production of cars on the B0 platform in Togliatti — Lada Largus. As we reported, producing cars on this platform will be on a full cycle, and according to some reports, the future model will Largus engines Renault.
In 2012, AvtoVAZ plans to produce more than 700 thousand cars and car. 

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