AvtoVAZ learned good and bad dealers

AvtoVAZ announced preliminary results of the action, "Good. Bad. Evil", which takes place in the official Internet clubs LADA and in the pages of AvtoVAZ in social networks, as well as by telephone "hot line" and the system "Feedback."

 The campaign LADA car owners and those who are just planning to buy a new car, it is proposed to evaluate the dealers: praise them for their professionalism, friendly approach to work, or to express a claim for inflating prices, the imposition of additional equipment, incorrect maintenance.

 Just one week of the campaign in the "white list" were more than 70 dealers LADA. The greatest amount of positive feedback received Moscow center "Alan-Cars" Kazan "Azino-Auto" and "Auto 1" from Novosibirsk.

 In the "Black List" for more than 120 companies. The leaders of the anti-rating "Krasnoyarsk-Lada" Murmansk "Auto Motors Company," "Alliance-M" from Bashkortostan and Togliatti "AgroLadaServis."

 As the press-center of the enterprise, AvtoVAZ has initiated action "Good. Bad. Evil" in response to hundreds of complaints of buyers. People complain about the serious overestimation of the dealers prices for cars LADA, especially — on models that are in high demand, and impose additional equipment. AvtoVAZ has estimated due to the imposition of additional equipment to the consumer is often unnecessary and outright trade places in line customers overpaid for more than 500 million rubles. The plant is believed that this is — possible lost profit, and the money could go to the company’s investment program and to further update the lineup LADA, and not in the pocket of dishonest managers.

 "Today we are engaged in monitoring the market — some unscrupulous dealers earn on consumers, and thereby, including, devalue the value of our brand," — said vice-president of "AvtoVAZ" Sales and Marketing Artem Fedosov.

AvtoVAZ will take comprehensive measures to influence dealers under the treaties and laws of the Russian Federation.


Website Avtosreda conducted a survey that customers do not like the work of dealers. It turns out only 10% of voters are satisfied with the service dealers. WHA as an opportune started this action.


1.   84 Prices are higher than those recommended by AUTOVAZ
2.   71 The imposition of special stages
3.   73 Poor quality service
4.   65 Boorish or dismissive attitude to the customer
5.   17 Soliciting for "promotion" in the queue
6.   41 I like the way the dealers
7.   69 All of the above
total: 420


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