AvtoVAZ — one line three brands in one place — it is a reality

July 20, 2013 marks 47 years of AvtoVAZ. Hallmarks of the plant today and what will happen next — this in an interview with the director for external relations of the company Igor Burenkov


— Most important, in your view, the events of the plant since the beginning of

year? What will happen next?

— First of all — the start of production and sales of the new LADA Kalina. The machine will win a place in the market, and the plant is important to maintain interest in it, releasing the new configuration. The first went on sale hatchback with the "automatic" in the "suite". Now preparing "normal" (there is already a pilot batch) and "standard", increasing production of cars on the "mechanics", started touring.

By the way, propelling the car on Superconcurrent market, we use the slogan, which made a lot of noise ("NEW LADA Kalina — full of beef!"), Performs its function and attracts attention. A certain amount of provocation, I believe, is acceptable — the situation on the market is close to the fighting, especially when used as a weapon almost obscene characters. But for me, "good" means only those that fit into the brand philosophy: LADA — real cars for real life. As for plans for other models: the fall — update LADA Priora. Quite seriously change the interior, increase comfort, reliability and safety, and improve acoustics. In 2012, the plant became a multi-brand, starting to produce Nissan Almera, is now ready for production cars Renault. Three brand — one line, the same people in the same place. And this place — AvtoVAZ. Just five years ago, said it was tantamount to accepting the madness.

— Has the consumer’s attitude to cars LADA lately?

— Yes, improved, and serious. AvtoVAZ is evolving and it’s hard not to notice. Interestingly, we would like transferred to the next phase. It used that compared the "classic" 2107 "Seven» BMW, yurodstvuya and not understanding what it means for LADA owners and for those who want to buy this car. One of the tasks set by the President of AvtoVAZ, Igor Komarov, when he invited me to work, it was a change of attitude towards the company and the brand. For me it was important to "return the voice" for those who LADA — Assistant "for life" and a member of the family. Bathos and glamor — it’s another story. Fait accompli changes have meant that some models LADA compared with other models … LADA. And now really coming when compared with foreign cars LADA — no joke. And this, perhaps, is the most important outcome of the last few years, but also — a new challenge. Buyers are becoming more and more demanding. Before, there were complaints from the curves bodywork gaps and excessive vibration in the cabin. And now criticized for not sufficiently rapid response to commands from the multi media touch screen. The difference? The difference, really, there is! Changed the level of claims — from LADA await more new products, increasing comfort and, of course, quality. And at the same low rates. This is normal — for good, as is well known, quickly get used to.

— How much money is spent in AvtoVAZ to advertise their products? It is more or less than before?

— You know, I was surprised by such questions. It seems that the other parameters in evaluating the progress of recent times prefer to ignore. I have been doing their job for nearly a quarter century and, believe me, many have seen. And as billions are wasted, and tens of thousands of rubles — sensibly. Size does matter, but in the first, and for me — in a single, all — it is the size of professionalism and expertise. The idea of product supply, budget planning and placement strategy — that’s the main thing that affects the efficiency. On AvtoVAZ doing it I and the staff management of external relations. All figures are easy to find in the reports. In LADA last four years (during my time in the company) promotion budget is much less than the competition. We have in stock, to put it mildly, "age" model and still sell the most cars in Russia. Yes, the percentage decreases, and it is now of course — go full-scale modernization of production without stopping, and the total renewal of the model series. A LADA Granta ten months — the best-selling car in the country. For LADA Largus — queue. Of course, this success is the merit of the whole staff of AvtoVAZ. After all, there are four components of the process of implementation — not enough to make today, it is necessary to sell — the quality of the product, its price, the system and the place of sale, and, finally, the promotion. I say it for him. This is an important but not the only factor. AvtoVAZ wins the internet space — created pages on social networks, there were sites of clubs LADA.

Are you planning something else to promote a brand LADA on the Net?

— What is the web, we derive a reality. The fact that there is, in reality, we translate the Web. There is a large community of owners LADA. We invite activists, arrange for them to test-drive, guided by AvtoVAZ, interviews with specialists and managers — including Igor Komarov. Since virtual dialogue becomes real. On the other hand, use the Internet to improve the process of creating the car, its sales and after-sales service. Engineers AvtoVAZ today we ask ourselves the monitoring data — they care about what was discussed in the forums. What’s more important: anyone can apply for AvtoVAZ — and he will respond. Organize this relationship is not easy, but the system work always gives the result. Internet experts of our management are doing it under the "Lada quality."

Updated LADA Priora — in an interview, "AvtoSrede" AvtoVAZ spokesman said that the changes mainly affect the interior of the car, in addition, it will have a new option. But the design of the model will not change much. Will restyling "Priora" in this case, to compete with their more vibrant competitors?

— Machine Design — it’s not just appearance. Interior — is also an important topic. When you update the LADA Priora was the primary task — to make the interior more relevant, relevant to today’s demand of potential buyers. And, in my opinion, this problem is solved. There are fashion items as inserts in chrome and black gloss. One of the first AvtoVAZ applied to the instrument panel material such as "soft look", it looks like a nice soft leather. Inside the car was a pleasure to be — a new design, comfortable seats … Yes, LADA Priora — not a sports car. But let’s take into account that the cars sold in hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands and the like. It dictates and calm, nekriklivy design. LADA Priora, as if she was not good in production for 6 years. Its life cycle is completed. But something more interesting. Note: 6 years LADA Priora in the market, and has already identified possible replacement. Compare: VAZ-2109 was issued 19 years, LADA 110 — 12. About the "classics" will not speak. Of course, there are always those who have any obvious positive changes fundamentally does not notice, but to convince neubezhdaemyh — "monkey

Can you solve the mystery of the future, a completely new car "Lada", "high" hatchback, crossover and LADA B?

— Pre-production cars on the VAZ LADA B platform is already underway, the design project is completed. Tentative start date of issue — 2015 — 2016 years. For details about the new models — all the time. Statistics — a weapon, and the disarmament of the question as long as the competition only escalates.

— In the spring of AvtoVAZ revolved around not the most biased information: spontaneous strike, money, stuck in Cyprus, said that companies even have nothing to pay suppliers. What is happening at the plant?

— AvtoVAZ continues to produce cars. Every day, every hour, every minute. And they are getting more and more interesting, more modern, more diverse and better. The strike was not. Were (and are) the complexity — too quickly updated lineup, different cars are started simultaneously on different platforms. All this can be found in the corporate newspaper "Volga carmakers," heard on the radio LADA FM and seen on TV WHA. All of our media is the Internet. A lot of questions still unproven — logistics delivery of components, new requirements for quality, payment … And the system of organization of production has not changed for decades. And most importantly — the young guys who came to the manufacture of cars on the platform alliance (RenaultNissan. — Ed.): Many of them have not had time to do this work, just came home from school, the other — from the army. At the factory, on the conveyor belt has never been easy, and now the rules are even more stringent. But Igor Komarov knows how to talk to people. Able to listen and find solutions quickly — that’s what is happening now. There is another factor — the elections to the Duma Togliatti. It would seem, what does AvtoVAZ? And despite the fact that they no longer talk about a kind of "independent" candidates, as in those anecdotes-about Mongolia, from which nothing is independent. All that is good, shamelessly try to attribute themselves. And all that bad — "French and Muscovites" to blame. I have this song in Togliatti (and not only) hear the first year, but looking at her to dance in the city, and the plant is less.

— The government intends to introduce recycling to Russian enterprises. Whether this measure will affect the prices LADA?

— After the final adoption of this decision and its procedural clearance necessarily be a comment.

— The Board of Directors of AvtoVAZ head Carlos Ghosn, called reporters "cost killer". How will the work of the company?

— President of the Renault-Nissan Alliance Carlos Ghosn and Chemezov, General Director of the State Corporation "Rostekhnadzor" will vary each year in office. Ghosn — professional of the highest class, he is well aware: to really manage a business in Russia can only Russians. AvtoVAZ is alive and growing, following the development of the program until 2020. This document, developed by management and shareholders does not change. The first items are met: the anti-crisis program has been implemented, our LADA Granta — an absolute bestseller, LADA Largus — in the top 10 best-selling cars, the new LADA Kalina — on sale now, is "automatic" in the LADA and no more "classic" AvtoVAZ — multi- manufacturer. Life goes on!

Interviewed by Andrew Govorov

FAQ:Igor Burenkov (July 31 1965Moscow) —TV reporter,
expert in the fieldAdvertisingandPR.
Mark Knight of Honor "Public Recognition" as the author of one of the first[1]Social advertising in Russia, "Call your parents!" (1988).

BornJuly 31 1965inMoscow.
Combined study at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University with the work of the executive director of the center image of the Joint Venture "US-Soviet kinoinitsiativa." In1992Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism teleotdelenieMSU. Along with the end of journalism became co-owner of "Domino", which specialized in designing and conducting advertising campaigns, print design and creativity[2].
In1996Burenkov created the company "Intelligence Service", whose main areas of activity — consulting and branding services, advertising and election campaigns, creation. Organized a large-scale regional, national and international projects: federal and regional parliamentary and presidential election campaigns —Boris YeltsinLuzhkovKhakamada,
"Unity. " With2000on2007supervised by the Directorate of Public Relations television "The first channel"[3].
In2008worked as general producer of the holding "Rosbalt-Media". In2009worked as Head of Corporate CommunicationsGK "Nanotechnologies"[4].

After2009became the director of external relations "AvtoVAZ"[5].

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