AvtoVAZ revealed new details of prospective models

"AvtoVAZ" revealed new details of prospective models, the issue of which will begin in 2015-2016 gg. Cars LadaB will have its own platform, BM-Hatch and B-Cross — borrowed from the alliance Renault-Nissan.

New BM-Hatch will be "high urban hatchback», B-Cross — crossover platform, Class B, and LadaV will be of a new family, designed to replace the Lada Priora, said the representative of "AvtoVAZ". All these cars will be produced under the brand Lada, he said. Their production will begin in 2015-2016 gg., In particular, are being modernized for this third branch of the main conveyor of "AvtoVAZ" indicates a company representative. The power of this line will be approximately 350,000 vehicles per year at work in three shifts, he added.

BM-Hatch and B-Cross created, "based on the experience Lada 4 × 4 in Russia," said the publication of the recent corporate executive vice-president of "AvtoVAZ" for the production and technical development of the South Demarchelier: "We understand that here [in the crossover segment ] has a lot of potential. " This sector is not only growing in Russia, but also allows you to get higher margins, says the executive director of "Avtostat" Sergei remove. In the first nine months of 2012, sales of crossovers (Class B, and C) in Russia increased by 47% to 392,060 units., The share of this segment was 19.2%, it results in the data.

BM-Hatch and B-Cross is planning to produce a joint platform of Renault-Nissan — B0, like the representative of "AvtoVAZ" (it was provided by the program and development of the company until 2020). Cars that will appear in the project LadaB, will have its own platform, he says. Invest in the development of this platform representative of "AvtoVAZ" is not named.

Given the strategic partnership with the Renault-Nissan «AvtoVAZ" would be more advantageous to use a borrowed platform, the director of the branch of the portal auto-dealer.ru Oleg Datskiv: it would speed up the implementation of the project would reduce costs. Plus, you can use providers that are common with the alliance, the expert adds. Development of car platform from scratch can cost $ 0.5-1 billion, he said earlier. "Using a collaborative alliance platformvygodno from different points of view. But the question of choosing a platform for the car brand Lada — the competence of "AvtoVAZ", — said the representative of Renault-Nissan alliance Oksana Nazarova.

Will cars BM-Hatch, B-Cross and LadaV produced in addition to Togliatti also in Izhevsk, is not yet known. On the "IzhAvto" is now produced Lada Granta, will be added later models alliance Renault-Nissan.

Cars that will appear in three of these projects will be in the class B, said a representative of "AvtoVAZ". It is logical to believe Datskiv and Delete: the segment is not only the traditional "AvtoVAZ", but also a capacious. In the first nine months of 2012, its share in the Russian market is the largest — 35.2% (717,878 cars), notes to remove. In addition, the expansion of the model range in the segment of the possibility of "AvtoVAZ" to remain in the usual price range, adds Datskiv. In the future, "AvtoVAZ" plans to acquire more and Segment C (the second vessel in the Russian market, its share — 22.2%, according to "Avtostat"), but there the competition is more fierce, the expert said. 

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