AvtoVAZ starts mass production of Lada Granta

November 29 AvtoVAZ starts mass production of a new budget car Lada Granta. From this day all the new Lada Granta will be shipped to dealers to execute orders received through the site www.lada.ru and for the formation of the stock, which provides a complete set and a choice of colors. In the sale of novelty will come in December 2011.

 Photo source:lada-auto.ru

As previously reported in the press center of AvtoVAZ, as soon as the order of 80% of the vehicles of the new model will be produced in "norma" and 20% — in the cheapest version of the "standard". Prices for budget car Lada Granta (to December 2011) in the base set of "standard" start at 229,000 rubles. In the middle of "norma» Granta will cost 256,000 rubles.

The new car is developed on the platform of AvtoVAZ Lada Kalina, however, for Granta has been designed and developed about 400 original car components, including upgraded front and rear suspension, as well as a new engine. Lada Granta «standard" and "normal" will replace the "classics" and sedans Lada Samara. The top grade Granta will be an adequate substitute for a sedan Lada Kalina. It is further planned expansion options for configuration by the introduction of additional equipment. How to tell the agency "AUTOSTAT" the press center of AvtoVAZ Lada Granta luxe accessories with an automatic transmission will be approximately the second half of 2012.

The project envisages an annual output of 150,000 Lada Granta. This volume AvtoVAZ plans to enter next year, however, as noted by AvtoVAZ, in the year the plan can be adjusted depending on the market situation.

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