Award Prism Award 2010 awarded to Russian fiber laser


Prestigious awards Prism Award 2010 in the category "Industrial Lasers" was awarded the fiber laser YLR-150/1500-QCW-AC, production NTO IRE Pole.
This quasi-cw fiber laser has created a new class of industrial fiber lasers designed to solve the problems, which are usually used for classical solid state lasers pumped lasers. Quasi-optic lasers is better and safer efficiency 30% vs 3% of solid-state laser running at 19 "Rack housing with air-cooled. In a quasi-continuous mode, the output of the fiber laser is achieved 150 W average power and peak power of 1.5 kW at a pulse energy 15 J.
NTO "IRE-Polus" is the founder and one of the base of multinational scientific and technical groups «IPG Photonics Corporation» with research centers and industries in the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, India, and China. This Group — a recognized leader in the global market in the field of fiber lasers and amplifiers, as well as devices and systems based on them. The Group is the world’s only manufacturer of industrial fiber lasers multikilowatt range (up to 50 kW) for cutting, welding and heat treatment. The volume of these lasers is growing rapidly, crowding out other types of industrial lasers.

IPG gained a unique portfolio of technologies and production facilities enable deployed confidently predict rapid growth in production throughout the Group.

Being a Russian company NTO "IRE-Polus" successfully introduces advanced development in the field of laser technology and telecommunications in Russia and the CIS, forcing dominated until recently, Western and Japanese companies. IPG is committed to accelerating the development of the production of its products in Russia and is ready to take an active part in the implementation of various programs for scientific and technical and industrial development Fryazino and the Moscow region.

NTO "IRE-Polus" in the Russian market offers more than 600 innovative products, many of which have no analogues in the world market of high technologies. All final products for the Russian market are produced in Russia.

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