AZ Chaika-Service manufactured autohydraulic on KAMAZ-65115

Automobile Factory "Chaika-Service" issued autohydraulic Russian-Italian production with a combined telescopic tower Socage DA-26 on the basis of KAMAZ-65115.
height AGP — 28 m,
flight — 15.5 m,
Capacity bassinet — 250 kg.
The hoist is equipped with electrical cradle, allowing the operator to work on power lines and communication with voltages up to 1000V with no blackouts in the absence of precipitation.
Combined telescopic boom allows for vertical lift with a pantograph, followed by a horizontal boom extension or the desired angle. This design feature is common to all models of the series DA. Knee aerial platform with a telescopic boom during the operation to cover the widest possible coverage, in particular, allows for the importation of the cradle to the roof of the building or work through obstacles (walls, fences).

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