Azerbaijan has ordered a Russian armored personnel carriers and

Not so long ago, I reallocating a story Denis Mokrushina about bronivike Scorpion LSHA. But it seems, and the first contract. Especially interesting is the fact that the announced price

Power structures in Azerbaijan ordered Russian armored "Scorpion LSHA B ‘and transporters’ Scorpio LSHA."

This is the APA’s Moscow correspondent said CEO JSC "Corporation" Protection ", a manufacturer of specialized and armored vehicles, Alexei Kagarlitskiy.


According to him, between the security agencies of Azerbaijan and JSC "Corporation" Protection "is negotiating for the purchase of armored personnel carriers" Scorpion LSHA B ‘and carriers‘ Scorpio LSHA ":" Azerbaijan is interested we manufacture cars. They ordered a few armored "Scorpion LSHA B ‘and carriers’ Scorpio LSHA."


The crew of armored "Scorpion LSHA B" is 8 people, but the customer can increase this number. Armored consumes 14-16 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Its price is $ 3.5 million. Transporter "Scorpion LSHA" is worth 1.5 million rubles.

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