Azerbaijan will upgrade its helicopters establishing Ukrainian sighting systems

In the Air Force of Azerbaijan receives attack helicopters Mi-24G (G — Geka, «Night") for actions in day / night conditions. The program updates are involved Konotopskiy Aircraft Repair Plant "Aviacon" (Ukraine) and the Advanced Technology and Engineering Group (ATE, South Africa). Modernization should take about 15 helicopters Mi-24V Azerbaijani Air Force, based at an air base near Baku Kala. At the last military parade in June in Baku Azadlig Square were shown four helicopters Mi-24G.

Mi-24G is equipped with a sighting system "Barrier-5" Development of Kiev CB "Ray", designed for anti-tank guided R-2V with a semi-automatic laser guidance system. The complex "Barrier-5" was created for the modernization of Ukrainian Mi-24, Azerbaijan is the first foreign customer of the complex. ATGM R-2V is launching range of 7.5 km, tandem warhead can penetrate armor more than 800 mm.

Azeri Mi-24G is based on the South African version of ATE Super Hind Mk4. However, according to information on the Internet Forum and resources in Azerbaijani helicopters do not set LCD displays, so the Azeri Mi-24G, is likely to be attributed to the earlier version of ATE — Super Hind Mk3 (similar program conducted by 40 Mi-24 of the Algerian Air Force ) with Ukrainian features.

The gun-turret arms on a 20-mm cannon Vector GI-2 of the IST Dynamics, ammunition — 840 rounds. Helicopter Avionics includes gyrostabilized opto-electronic system for target acquisition and surveillance Cumulus with IR / TV sensors, helmet-mounted sight, HUD, night-vision goggles for pilots that are compatible with NATO standards and radio identification system "friend or foe", combined Doppler / GPS navigation system.

In addition to plans to modernize the existing Mi-24 helicopters, Azerbaijan in September 2010 signed a contract with the "Rosoboronexport" for the purchase of 24 Mi-35M of new construction.

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