Baby boom in the Murmansk Regional Perinatal Center

In June came to light more than two hundred young northerners, since the opening of the two and a half months — 455. Today, virtually seats in the post-natal ward no.


On the first scheduled maintenance shut Murmansk hospital and future moms guide and the perinatal center. But above all, here take complex patients from the area, the regional center. Here, all on the highest world class health, it is not about saving the mother and the child, and the quality of their lives.
Tomorrow is preparing for discharge Tatiana Puryaeva from Monchegorsk. June 23 she gave birth to a daughter.
Puryaeva Tatiana says: "Regulations were heavy, so here sent from Monchegorsk. And thanks to the doctors there was a miracle. Weight of 2 220 kg, height 45 cm behaves well. I’m sure if there will be a second child, come here and be all right. "

Murmansk Perinatal Center — is a whole world, and not small — three buildings, where the next generation is born northerners. It is spacious, bright, comfortable and in the chambers of moms and kids.
Neonatologists department newborns Lavrushina Tatiana says: "Our perinatal center has the status of a child-friendly. This means that we have all the kids are with their mothers and we breastfeeding. Two babies after caesarean section. Their mothers in the evening moved from operating. "

Almost fifty percent of births is cesarean section. Scared of this figure is not necessary, doctors say, on the contrary — it’s for the good health of children and mothers. After all, this center is the main place where they spend most difficult childbirth and for that all conditions. Only the most modern medical equipment to half a billion rubles, priceless specialists, doctors of the highest category, middle and junior medical staff — a team of stable, highly professional. This belief and physician with 18 years of experience Vitaly Pugovkin. About the new job says proudly. Shows operating, equipped with a so-called clean room system, a special microclimate.
Deputy chief medical officer of the Murmansk regional perinatal center Vitaly Pugovkin explains: "Control by a computer, which displays the parameters that are needed in this room — temperature, humidity. For what it’s done to the air was as clean as possible to avoid infection complications. "
In the children’s NICU "nursed" babies. Well remember the smallest by weight — 590 grams.
Head of Children’s neonatal intensive care unit Koshevarnikov Michael says: "All the incubators’ gray control" — a child adjusts equipment. The child is the sensor temperature is set, we want to have been a child. "
Individual family unit, there are 7 in the center. Birthing Bed — transformer. New mother may choose any convenient location, medical devices monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, individual near corner with the baby.

By the way, in such circumstances, any woman gives birth, whether for a fee or free it came. Others are just not there. For severyanok free internet, information on government services.
By the end of the year will be opened in the perinatal center and 4 body. Building "D", there will house a multi-department of pathology of the newborn. Doctors are pleased that the local authorities have made the additional funding for the home, where happiness is born

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