Bad weather in Spain claimed the life of a foreign tourist

Bad weather in Spain claimed the lives of foreign tourists Weather and Climate

A 37-year-old resident of Poland, strolling along the promenade Spanish beach in Lloret del Mar, swept over sea wave caused by the storms. As a result, she was carried away into the sea and died. The body of a woman was found dead at 9 km down the coast in the vicinity of Blanes.

Another possible victim of the storm, flown to the northeast of Catalonia, was a citizen of France, who is currently on the list of missing persons. As it turned out, the young man found a storm at sea, when he was fishing in the mountainous coast of Roses is about 100 km away from the first accident. So far found only his fishing rod. In the search for the missing and rescue helicopter due druaya technique.

A weekend in Catalonia announced warning of danger from heavy rains and gale force winds causing waves higher than 2.5 meters. All residents and travelers recommend the elimination of trips to the sea wall, from walks along the shore and on the beach.

Except in the power of the elements of Catalonia was the north of the neighboring region of Aragon, where the flooding occurred in the province of Zaragoza. According to estimates of forecasters, there fell a hundred liters of water per m2. The local city suffered many public buildings, especially in Sadava.

Recently in Spain hit a lot of unpleasant weather surprises. First it was drought, acknowledged the worst in 70 years, then the whole summer in the country raging fire destroyed more than 184 hectares of forest. Now remember Spaniards Nezhdanov autumn flood.

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