Baikal-Service associated with the South Ural

National transport company "Baikal-Service" in the new development program opened two regional distribution centers — in Rostov-on-Don and Yekaterinburg.

The essence of the new program — in the organization of direct transport links between the major Russian cities.
"Until recently logistics was built in such a way that the bulk of the cargo was delivered from the regions to the Central Distribution Center in Moscow, and here they are sent to the destination city.
Now the distribution centers in Yekaterinburg and Rostov take on the task of cargo consolidation and South Ural Russian regions and cities by sending destination, bypassing Moscow "
— Said the deputy director of logistics Yuri Balyasov.
According to him, in the nearest future "Baikal-Service" link directly Siberia — Ural — Volga — South Russia.

The company "Baikal-Service" in the market of cargo transportation and warehouse logistics since 1994. Currently delivers cargoes air, rail and road transport in 140 cities of Russia. He has more than 50 branches across the country.

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