Baltic clothing company successfully develops the issue of children’s clothing


  • baby clothes made of velor
  • baby clothes made of velor

VELOUR (From the French. Velours — velvet), the name of textiles, leather and other materials with a soft velvety front surface of the pile, for example. velor, velvet, velor drape, etc. used for the manufacture of clothing, hats, etc.

                                                               Encyclopedic Dictionary. 2009.


  • children's clothing from velor dress
  • children‘s clothing from velor dress
  • children's clothing from velor jump suit
  • children‘s clothing from velor jump suit


     Offering quality children’s clothing, you can not ignore the articles of velor. In the Baltic clothing company produces a wide range of elegant and practical clothing brand "BooBoo" (Bubu). Velour is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, thus combining the comfort of cotton and practicality, which is complemented with polyester. Product is not wrinkled, they are not wrinkled, as they can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, following the washing instructions listed on the sewn-in labels. The face velor consists of a plurality of different lengths villi. These villi are just and there are 20% polyester, which give products practicality to wear, care and beauty, as the polyester glitters and shimmers beautifully. On the inside is cotton, but for children newborn to wear at all the beauty of the naked body can not be, must velor dress like a second layer of clothing. Children’s clothing of suede manufactured at the plant include: sweaters, pullovers, jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, tunics, jumpsuits and more that will find a buyer of children’s clothing in bulk, which would replenish his store assortment.

  • baby clothes set of velor
  • baby clothes set of velor


  • children's clothing, complete set of velor
  • children’s clothing, complete set of velor



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